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New Goals

The struggle I have had lately is trying to understand the line between publishing an opinion and publishing the truth. They may not be mutually exclusive, but it makes me question my intentions when it comes to publicizing my thoughts and reporting the stories of others. I'd like to think that I am innocently unbiased and always fair, but that might not be true. My main hesitation as of late has been the fear of digital permanency. I am a liar if I say I've never been wrong in my writing or line of thought. Despite that, what is a writer who doesn't write? Feeling silenced vexes my heart and hinders my mind. I write to free my voice, not to hold it back. All systems of amplification have transmitters and receivers. If the two have a weak connection, all that comes through is noise. Lately, I have been a good receiver but a bad transmitter. I've had many great conversations that I have now bottled up in me. I want to share them. Regardless of whether I am employed or unemployed, I know what my line of work is and I can get my shoes dirty without a company watching my back. At least for now.

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